Monday, June 29, 2015

Quick note: something in the air.

One more note on something's in the air: Jade Helm. [1] And so it goes. Chomsky has spoken about similar levels of paranoia and the symptom of outlandish conspiracy theories that come about because people have a healthy distrust for the government, and yet they refuse to combine this critical analysis (or perhaps I'm being too generous, perhaps it's only a heuristic) to other forms of informations, though even I admit that it's hard to discern such matters. 

Nevertheless, I already mentioned that I recently came across my own data point of a Jade Helm believer, and I was too stunned to think of a way to fuel the fire (using my military background to some effect, I suppose) and was amazed that someone could believe this so.

Now, that the government keeps things from us shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Just look at the secrecy surrounding the TPP (and how, despite people's protests, it will pass through) and the manner in which it was drafted. To say it is anti-democratic is besides the point. I myself am not sure that, outside of blaming the oligarchies in charge, how it is that people see something like the TPP and immediately think up Jade Helm. I'm not saying that it's completely outside the realm of possibilities; I'm just saying it's highly unlikely and if one simply looks at history, even with all its atrocities, it stands to reason that though violence by those in power is very possible (though most concocting Jade Helm are not the kind to like violence by other powerless groups, interestingly enough), if they are winning so handily, it's very unlikely. 

Perhaps this speaks more to how certain people like to view themselves as the powerless (better so to be the victim and thus victimize others)? I'm not sure. Again, it doesn't take much to see that much information is withheld by the media and one needs to really look for it to gain any insights into the world; yet it doesn't make sense to see this conspiracy (very run of mill and very much in line with history) and jump to the conclusion of a conspiracy like Jade Helm. 

I know I'm missing something, and I'm not sure what exactly it is. Someone out there could surely enlighten us. Is it the fact that people would rather spend their time on conspiracy theories that really don't perturb those in power since they're so outlandish [2]? I would certainly like to know more and shall add what sources I can find on the matter:

Matters to be researched to further find out more about this (I'm thinking mainly in terms of the US):

A) Correlation of outlandish conspiracy theories associated with bad economic times (look into local areas hit especially hard by economic blight. The economic blight can be especially harsh if it comes along with unmet expectations for one's economic situation as well as one's intellectual abilities. 

B) Correlation of outlandish conspiracy theories associated with increase in known government lies (TPP, being an example of this), to include lies about attacks on foreign people (wars, IOW) and thus a increase in distrust with the government (unkept promises). 

C) Correlation of groups that believe in such conspiracies and how they may have a diminished sense of power (losing power while another gains it) or that the "other" is taking over. (In many ways, Obama has stimulated much of this, or has he simply allowed somethings to come to the fore?)

D) How universal are these thoughts? In many other parts of the world, especially when the great powers are playing with people as they see fit, conspiracy theories abound, but it's usually with great reason and usually in line with much of the evidence out there.

E) Simply a large increase in technological changes that make the world unrecognizable and thus ripe for conspiracies (though this could be closely tied in to the economic matter, whereby one cannot participate in the economy anymore and is thus left without a voice).

F) That in a democracy where many people (of eligible voters, which in the USA is extremely low) don't have a voice, such conspiracy theories abound. This too could be tied into the expectation of having a voice, then losing it (relatively speaking, to others). 

What are your thoughts on the matter?

[1] I have perused a few internet chat rooms and it would seem that people in the military (and those traveling through places like Texas and who are questioned by the locals about what it is they're doing) have decided to feed the fuels and help to start rumors about possible takeovers. I encourage this. Any such views of things like Jade Helm are ridiculous to say the least. 

[2] Note, however, that those in power will always treat all accusations against them as outlandish, though the really outlandish ones usually don't even get a reply.

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