Sunday, June 21, 2015

Radio Silence and the Summer Solstice

Once again, radio silence has been the order of the day. There has been, on my part, a spate of editing. Not only for earlier works, but for the latest novel I’ve completed (and which is turning out to be one of the hardest books to edit, to say nothing of the journey to the first draft). In addition, there have been some shorts, many shorts, in fact, which I’ve been trying, in a departure from what I created before. My first shorts were always snapshots of some life of some story that was told in the normal narrative fashion. And my main focus were my novels. More than ten in all. No easy feat, I assure you that, even though many merely required the rearranging of countless notes and ideas. Free moments from my time in the Army turned into stories a long time coming. And of course, these longer stories were the ones that managed to pay the bills. Well, almost.

Yet now, I find my self, more and more, loving the very idea of the short. And not only that, but I’m enjoying experimenting with this form. Pseudo essays being the most obvious form that comes to mind, and one I can only directly attribute (in my limited world) to Borges. The other short story master (though I don’t think that I can attribute everything to him on this front), Calvino, I attribute to my love for fairy tales. Or at least that short telling not showing form which seems to convey so much more. The thing is, now I’m thinking about combining the two and creating something even more telling about the world around us. 

It’s interesting, this type of story. Like I mentioned, one can convey a lot about the world. And only a year or more ago, I would never have thought of writing in this fashion. And I wonder if this, with the internet as it is, will be able to use the abilities of the internet for all possible links. But also to convey the world as we know it now in text. In other words, will it convey the internet’s world as well as any other form? Will it be able to show the mix of urban legends (fairy tales for a new age) and pseudo truths that seem to fill the medium? I certainly hope so, and I feel that more and more I’m using this method to show this, more so than the novel. And, more so than this, will there be an audience for something like this? Someone like Borges has a minimal audience. But at least he has accolades. As of a few seconds ago, accolades is something I do not have. 

So, to that end, I’ll write some of them here, as well as the email newsletter I send out. The ones that have more to them, will only be available on the email newsletter, and the latest stories are certainly some of the more interesting ones that I’ve written. I invite everyone who hasn’t, to sign up to the right, just enter an email, and get the next story in time. Trust me, it won’t go unrewarded. 

But I digress. Back to the matter of these stories: a mix of pseudo essayist Borges, and fairy tale master (though, yes, I understand those weren’t his) Calvino, and the the internet and that which we know is humanity that helps us to see that the truth is never such, and when properly combined with the imagination can say more about that truth than any amount of headline news ever could. And so it goes. Find out if these stories are for you by signing up today.

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