Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Algo and his notoriety

Everyone here on this blog knows about Algo and his incredible infinite story. In addition there's the story of him tattooing his own skin to create a story too great for any of us to contemplate. Oh, the trials and tribulations of those artists greater than I! 

I personally applaud Algo’s most recent surge into notoriety, some positive, a lot negative. Of the latter, I’m uncertain as to whether or not this is good; after all, in the literary world any outside attention is better than none, isn’t it? Yet who can say that the death threats and twitter mobs who have engulfed this hapless writer and any thread that mentions his name are any good? That Chinese and Russians and NSA troll teams have decided to take the author on seems like an unneeded insult heaped upon injury. There’s even talk about placing the author on the no fly-list, or perhaps on a watch list. I truly hope that these are only rumors.

First, let me talk about the positive: the artists who, now legion, have decided to map the fractal story, the one which never ends. Many have used methods familiar to us all [link to art story], but many are now trying to judge stories as per the direction they’ve taken, are taking. This is, as you can imagine, highly subjective. Artists have gotten into turf wars over this. 

There are some who are merely acting binary and mapping positive or negative outcomes from the single original node (I’ve talked to Algo, who says that having a starting point was one of the biggest mistakes he made for his never-ending story), while other have segmented a circle into nearly infinite slices, to achieve what they want. There is nothing bad about this. However, I do want to quell rumors about the recent bombing of a tech company (the negative).

Some are saying it only happened after the company announced that their web crawlers mapped the entirety of Algo’s universe (impossible, says the author, some of the fractal story was deliberately designed so no algorithm could get through it, not to mention it was too big for that possibility; it would be like saying a computer had solved chess) that a series of drone, motorcyclists and car bombs hit their offices worldwide.

To this, I say it’s only fiction, how could it possibly evoke such a reaction? No, the tech company was working with intelligence and military agencies to target known enemies (though a few glitches turned up misses, or unknowns who were killed then labeled unknown enemies). It was this that got them targeted, I assure you of that much. 

But no one in the mainstream media is saying anything about this. They are simply focusing on the matter that there appears to be a few religions that were based on Algo’s story. The author is not entirely certain, though he did receive several letters that exceeded the usual love of a fan, some asking him to come and live out as chief prophet somewhere in the wilds of forests or of large cities. 

What these religions are based on, isn’t quite certain; in fact all that I’ve heard are rumors. And when something is substantiated, it’s still merely the fact that a group of people have indeed decided to claim part of Algo's infinite sprawling mess is something they believe. That is all. 

Some experts claim that it’s merely the idea that something infinite has been written and that this allure alone is enough to bring in some people as true believers, that the infinite itself is a representation for God, or a God. That’s why the claim of the tech company to have mapped the entire story provoked the bombing attack.

Yet other experts claim that there is the fact that, if this story is infinite [1], this means that somewhere in the fictional-infinite-story there lies non-fiction, and that, in fact, there are non-fiction stories about the future and thus one can predict the future if they find the right story (everyone by now has heard of the story where the stockbroker found a story within Algo’s that allowed him to predict and short the market to the tune of billions, but surely money has rarely been a good foundation for a religion, has it?), or perhaps they will find the cure to all their ails if they look long enough. 

And yet other experts claim that the religions must have grown from the way many people gathered in small groups to share small snippets, or to search together for a truth that may or may not have been within reach, and the atomization of society allowed these meetings to grow into a religion.

I’m still not sure what the reason for the religions have been. And I still don’t think that such an outcome would require a violent outbreak of those in the religion because of some small violation of what they believed. Or would it? It still seems more likely that the tech company, forever breaking laws and citizens privacy rights finally made an enemy that fought back. But the religious aspect, I must admit, seems so much more interesting, doesn’t it?

[1] And here too, there is much controversy. There is talk that the story is no where near infinite. That one man cannot but create a drop of what is needed to be infinite, so the stories here abound, in that even if Algo had a factory of underpaid writers helping him create something, there is no way that he could create it, so it’s not only those writers, but coders creating a way to make stories, and thus the story (still infinite, still growing) is growing at a rate where no one can truly say they have read it even part of the way through. 

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