Saturday, July 11, 2015

Torture, quick notes/rant

I will have another note on the torture debate and the possibly different than an efficacy debate to be had on the matter. But first, something else. I’ve just read a short interview by James Mitchell. “Fuck you, pay me.” Isn’t this basically what James Mitchell is saying? That he’s protected says something, doesn’t it? He knows this, and that shows from what he says. And make no bones that this sort of thinking prevails in all parts of our government and that to make progress—I’m assuming this is our endpoint here—we have to take down these parasites of the power structure. And how do we do this? We march forward and remove them with facts.

But for a second, let’s think on Mitchell and his attitude, his style, that righteousness. As some say: know your enemy. He makes a few points: that it works, that torture is a person only trying to be a very bad cop? Wow. And there’s still that statement that they did get information [1] and that, well, he cannot talk about it, it’s secret. Shhh! Don’t worry children, go back to sleep.

There’s the euphemisms: that this is good cop bad cop, but only at a slightly higher level. Again, that double speak, even though he knows what he’s doing is vile/evil. We see it with: can’t get information, so have to use other methods. Great. Again, completely sidestepping the issue.
And finally he says: I blame the media; the chutzpah is here for everyone to see; please, please, let’s hide all forever. That’s the brilliance of these anti-American Stalinists, they actually believe in some sort of super-security apparatus answerable to no one. 

That these are actions against the very existence of our constitution should not be doubted. 
He doesn’t stop there: finally, if the other matters didn’t work for him, he throws the 9-11, the I’m a patriot, and the look at the “others” look at what they’re doing, how evil they are. They want to kill our families [2], how can you think of saying anything to us? That is, truly the finest moment: don’t look at me, look at them.

What does one say to this righteous warrior? 
1st, if one must stop him of everything he wants to hide his patriotism with. The 1st would be his 180-190 million payday (notice this: he’s only doubling down on millions, because, really, why now?). Also from our POWs they learned the worst torture techniques and they applied them. Remember this. Understand where it comes from. Know your enemy. The man who wraps himself in a flag so that he can get 100 million dollars+ is not your friend, he is as anti-American as it comes. 

[1] From, as he says, the most trained ones, the ones who wouldn’t break or with whom one cannot build a rapport—it all sounds so serious, so paternal, doesn’t it? But yet there's nothing to show it, is there?

[2] This is throat-choking chutzpah, perhaps even the kind that is hypocrisy at its finest.

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