Tuesday, August 25, 2015

When Gods Fail II is free!

Ah, it seems as if summer is finally winding down with the scorching rays of the Inland NW's sun now almost calm. With that, I'll start a end of Summer sale.  I've talked to a few of you readers who thought enjoyed the first book in my When Gods Fail series was good but too short. Not enough of a teaser to read on. I want you to rest assured that I have rectified that and have now made the book free. There are three total books in the series and that leaves enough of a teaser to at least bring in some more of you to the last book. The links where you can buy it are below.

For all the other readers who did end up buying the second one, please let me know and I can work something out so that you're not left out of the loop (another book, perhaps). All the best:


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