Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Been meaning to write

So I have been meaning to speak about ISIS and that specific issue. Once again it has come to the fore, especially with regards to the refugee crisis. I will certainly deal with it in due time, but I should point out that my issue with not writing about it is that all these matters are intertwined.  Intertwined and ever changing.  Therefore at any given time one really cannot even say that things are so. No. Rather we try our best to paint a picture with official statements—biased summaries usually—to give us an idea of what is going on; to say nothing of trying to bring the past and cause & effect into the picture

Somewhere within the above issue is a place for an essay and a writer and fiction. What that place or role is, is beyond me. But I will try... and note that it is akin to a person in a stream trying to describe what the stream, where he stands, looks like; unable to take note of what his feet are doing to the current—a weak metaphor standing in for our own biases that our history and upbringing bring to the table.

Nonetheless I will try to untangle the large web that is these states of affairs: ISIS. Droughts. Climate Change. Refugees [1]. Western elite (and populist) attitudes as well.  These are all intertwined. And if our answer is to simply lob bombs (this is something that Russia and China also seem guilty of, to say nothing of Saudi Arabia... in other words, powers trying to be powers are not facing these issues with the tools they need) at the enemy, there will be many deaths at our, and other powers' hands. And so it goes. 

A drought happens anywhere in the world and there must be an immediate effort to help that entire region. Period. An ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure. Those studying climate change know this. That our government chooses to ignore the prevention is foolish. 

What else to say? Coming soon.

[1] This isn't hard: climate change will affect water tables and droughts and other destructive forms of weather, and this will lead to mass violence as people react and blame and since most institutions are not up to measure, chaos and refugees will reign.

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