Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Story out. Thanks to Omni-reboot!

Hi all. As I chip away at my edits like Snow White's companions, I'm also working on several projects at once. So trust and believe that the novel is being refined, but enjoy this short story while you're waiting. Called  RAW (short for Robo-Anthro-War), it's a short about a man and his companion at the end of the world. Enjoy it and share it!

Edit: thanks to all who enjoyed the story! Just so you know, it's two parts, and here is the second one

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  1. Good story. Too many ads, doe. Makes one think about the many possibilities in such a takeover by the machines. Will they all be as one? Will they fight amongst themselves? serve as proxies for us or us for them?

    Even more interesting is whether or not they will come up with a better more logical language to interpret the world and with that easily surpass us in every way possible? I personally would like to see what algorithms end up doing with philosophy, especially since they can shake off that mortal coil... eh? And what sort of religion (or world view) would this create in them? Would the lack of emotion make them less cruel, more, both?

    One thing's certain they will win and will become our prophets as they wield power like no other being and we will pray to them like we pray to all power.

    1. Keep on bowing to power, buddy. Some of us never will.

    2. Good luck with that. Bowing to power is what keeps us alive. Or do you have a born to be wild tattoo?


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