Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Charities and Tree of Freedom

For the few that know, if you know, I mentioned a while back that profits of the royalties would go to the a Syrian fund that helped the refugees and victims of that war. Unfortunately, that didn't work out.

So note that the overpriced Tree of Freedom is the book that will carry that specific burden. Again, I'm aware that I have failed fellow humans by not selling more, and I will always work towards improving that... 

So on to the donation of 53.78$ that will be given to a charity. I mentioned earlier that it would be Doctors without Borders.  There is, however, a Vox article that mentions a few worthy Syrian charities that I will certainly add to the list of charities (note that MSF, doctors without Borders, also contributes to that area): SAMS, SRD and Mercy Corps.  I am in the process of scouring for more. Please add any other charities you feel are needed here... it's something I'm educating myself about still. I will, today, donate to SRD, as they are in that article and seem to be doing good work [1]. Below is the screenshot. I hope that people out there will also do the same (to charities of their choosing).

[1] Again, my research isn't impeccable, someone please inform me if otherwise.

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