Wednesday, December 30, 2015

On reading offline.

 I've recently taken to reading offline. No, not just books (even in those terms a dedicated ereader could be considered offline) but magazines. I think it's been about more than a decade since I've actually had a subscription to a magazine. It was about that time that I thought the internet would provide better reading in terms of variety and quality than a single magazine. 
And yet here I am, after some major maturation of the internet, and I'm diving back into paper. Why is that? I should note that this doesn't mean that I've completely given up on the internet. There are still some great websites to read from. The Intercept, Aeon, The Guardian, not to mention the variety of worldwide news sites. No, I will not stop reading the internet anytime soon. [1]

But I do need the offline magazine. My favorite is the London Review of Books. Now this is available online too, but being able to curl up with the magazine and not be distracted by other articles is certainly a positive thing. I will still be looking for magazines online and offline in the future, but to not diversify seems like it will be the way in the future.[2]

[1] In fact, I would call this me hedging my bets. I'm still of the mind that something better will come from the internet, to include a way to minimize distractions and that need to look at the next article rather than the one one's on. Or perhaps I'll increase my discipline.

[2] Fact is that I pay for the offline magazine so that I know I'm directly supporting a good magazine. That more than ads is very important (to make sure of this, I would have to research magazines that take more money from subscriptions than from advertising or other sources...)

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