Tuesday, January 5, 2016

On Adult coloring books

There's been something of a rise in adults using coloring books to de-stress. The above is an example of a new kind of adult coloring book. Well, it's more de-stressing, but in the form of painting. Trick is to paint straight lines that are either up or down or to the sides, all at 90 degree angles from each other. Paint to your heart's delight, then when the base is dried, color in the shapes as you see fit. 

This isn't new, of course, but the original artist who started the movement actually was blamed of copying the edge-node artist at the beginning of his career. He made huge 20'x20' paintings (and the above photo would only represent 1/600th of the entire painting!) and made a killing showing them to be representations of certain cities. Of course, unlike our heroine, his style never really caught on. Who knows why, marketing or perhaps something else. But in the end there was a moment in time when he faced the inevitable bet of whether or not he was going to eat.

And so he turned to the masses, the people he both needed and hated to need the approval of. He set shop in a small studio and tried to train people to paint. No good. He did wine and paint night. Still not enough. It appeared as though having people paint Picassos was not the route to eat.

Finally, he saw how good coloring books were doing and moved into the realm mentioned in the first paragraph. This meditative painting was a hit and soon he was a profitable businessman, though the art world shunned him and pointed to this final sin of his as proof of why he should not have been accepted as an artist to begin with. Hard times, no doubt. But I suggest you try this method and see how relaxing it is. And finally, ask that question: what is art?

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