Friday, January 22, 2016

Short stories and more listings for Labyrinth of Souls

Before I start, let me note that I have a site where I'll put up my shorts. It's easier to read, and you can, from here on out, give a little bit of change without too many hassles. 

Again I've been remiss about updating you readers with the next book. Sorry about that. Things have been hectic here and I'm busy starting the next novel (with a few too many false starts and crumpled papers—note that I've taken to following Baldwin in these terms, taken to writing out before I type) though that hasn't been as fruitful as I may want it to be. After every novel there is a refractory period, but this one seems to be lasting a little too long. 

So be it. I may finish up the When Gods Fail Series, as a few of you have been asking what will happen there, now that Tom has vanquished a foe (though not his demons). That being said, let me point out that the ebook for Labyrinth of Souls will now be available in places other than Amazon. Starting January the 29th, it will be available at Kobo and Apple. You can, if you're so inclined, pre-order it today. [1]

I've also started reading Satanic Verses by Rushdie. A beautiful book, this, even if it's more well-known for its controversy (and the 50 people who died for it). Sad, that piece of history, because I'm thoroughly enjoying the book. I should note that I'm enjoying it much more than Midnight's Children, that book based on India's Independence and is a showcase for Rushdie's skill to draw a picture with words. A bit too much, if you ask me, for though it illustrates a beautiful world (that description to the Red Fort might be one of the best ever), it struck me as shallower than it should have been [2] and left me wanting more.

That more comes in the form of this book. It's painting a tough picture, but it's painting it well, and I want to see where it goes. So there you have it. A good book to read, if you have the time and inclination. I should also note that Rushdie's current politics and his grandstanding on shows such as Maher's also left a bad taste in my mouth. [3] But I'm glad I decided to ignore that and read his other book.

Where that leaves my readers, however, remains to be seen. That next novel seems to be retreating a little like the false peaks when climbing a mountain. In the meantime the small steps I'm taking, take the form of a a plethora of short stories. This means that I'm again banging down the wrong door, as shorts don't tend to sell well. So it goes. But this is also me trying out a new voice that will sustain itself for an entire novel. Thoughts? I know some of you have said that the new shorts have been a great improvement. What about the rest of you?

[1] I will add all the necessary links as this will be shared in more than one place. 

[2] A funny moment came when, in a moment of borderline fury, I told a cousin of mine that it was a an ode to suburban ideologies, (even if they were cosmopolitan suburban ideologies) and her response was "oh my". Better to hear others attribute this reaction of mine to jealousy, which it could very well be, though I doubt it. 

[3] This probably says more about me than Rushdie. I still care nothing for Rushdie's views on fundamentalist Islam or terrorism (the non-state kind), though I can see now that TV and interviews in general do not have enough time for nuance from anyone. I also see that matters such as writing fiction are not entirely under the author's control, whatever Franzen may try to say on the matter. So, I will try to judge people less and less by these mediums and more by what they write. For example with Franzen's interviews, he's easy to pick on. Meanwhile, his essays still leave much to be desired.  

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