Wednesday, January 20, 2016

That Internet Show

“Earthly Show” was hosted by a woman who looked and talked smarter than anyone I knew. Add to that a spherical shape, sharp ear lobes and a grin of steel teeth and it was no wonder that she was relegated to the nether regions of the internet. One had to wonder how such a person was even allowed something equivalent to a TV show. Could be that those shining teeth, that hair with steel barbs, and the face tattoo highlighted with glitter specks were indeed a draw.

Death bait, she called herself. And I’d seen her show, mind; one that was short-lived. It was an experiment in interviewing all the great authors alive. But she would never interview them sober: that would only show their conscious side, and she was certain that writing was not a conscious effort—not with the best kind of literature, at least. No, it was a subconscious effort, one where the author was able to channel all of mankind’s wishes and fears, and it was her job to get an interview with that person’s subconscious. 

At first that meant getting the author drunk, but she gave up on that and soon was having peyote moments with them in the desert or sweat lodges around the world. The peyote, in her view (and mine as well), worked as a better porthole to the unconsciousness. Of course she wasn’t entirely certain and kept making different drug cocktails. I should note that she didn’t always tell the authors that they had been slipped a drug.

As you can imagine, this didn’t last. Despite her large ratings she was duly cutoff from the major streaming channels. Rumors flew. Her name was used in several investigations on authors recently dead. She fled from authorities when an author claimed that she abused him while he was high, that the things he said were not what he would say. Of course, being that he said those things, how could he argue? But the law as a very conscious actor element to it and so it cannot brook any attempt to open that gateway. The law sent the DEA on her. The damage, they claimed, that she did to writing workshops across the country was nothing to trifle with. Easily influenced teens and college aged kids were showing up to serious workshops high as kites, and destroying that staid process.

Nothing was heard from the woman for quite some time. She was in some country without an extradition treaty with America. Then she came out with another show. No one was sure if it could be trusted or if the authorities had gotten to her and forced her to make propaganda for them, to undo the damage they claimed she had inflicted.

The new show was about looking for evil in the world. The show was popular here when it focused on the penumbra of war zones of dark-skinned people. But when she ventured near Western shores or the pet projects of our powers that be, she was shut down. I couldn’t (and can't) find a single video anywhere. Some claim that when she was overseas she had managed to be even-handed, but when she came near here, she became radicalized. So it goes, I suppose. Still looking for those shows, though. The one with the authors, I miss the most.  [1]

[1] Suppose, if I can be pedantic here, that I truly like the fact that writing is not entirely a conscious effort and that I have been quick to jump on other interviews, when the author says something I believe to be silly and I apply that to their books as well. Yet when writing I know that it's more than just a conscious act. In fact, even if I look at my interviews, here and here,  I know all the parts of the mind involved are not necessarily the same as when I write.

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