Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Short Story up; an unjust scree on dust jackets

 Well, I have a short story up sf-books, a nice place for sci-fi work. Check it out when you get the chance. As for the next novel, I will get to that Sisyphean task as soon as I can. Enjoy the linked short, as I think it will lead to other versions, not to mention something bigger. 
But for now, let me speak of the bane that is dust jackets. I don't think I ever liked them. As a child, when I saw how tattered they would become, I asked my grandfather what they were used for, when the best part of the book was inside. My grandfather responded that it was actually meant to keep the dust off the book. Because of these words, I allowed them to exist [1]

Not any more. Or not for a long time. I still cannot understand why people like them. I like hardcovers, but the first thing I do is throw out those infernal dust covers the first chance I get [2]. Who can read with them on? And aren't hardcovers with the graphics directly printed on the hard part just as good? And no, I have never seen a book in some dust-filled land protected from that dust because of some flimsy paper. 

So, reader, why do you like dust covers? Because I'm guessing someone out there likes these things. Also, if you're getting rid of your dust covers, send them to me. I will make amateur art out of these throwaways.

[1] The dust covers, that is, I'm no barbarian.

[2] Now that my better half wants them, I have to be more surreptitious about this disposal

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