Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The next email is coming out & more

Done writing and polishing the next email. It will be out soon. If you haven't signed up, do so, as you don't want to miss out. Here is it. On that note, things are still slow on the sequel writing and novel writing front, though I should have a few short stories coming out. I will link them as soon as I can. Good times. 

I do want to ask a question on Climate Change and the coming wars from that. Of course a drop in water tables will certainly add fuel to fire, the droughts also affecting crops and thus pushing more strife into the world. Furthermore the increase in storms and the increase in sea levels will all add to people moving around and these refugees (which will make the current crisis look like a picnic) further destabilizing the world. So it goes. 

My other thought is that the increase in temperatures will add another variable to contend with. It has been shown that an increase in temps leads to an increase in violence. But I wonder how much of this will lead to more tribalism even in areas that aren't so affected by the worse parts of Climate Change. In some ways, if it makes leaders who should be trying to avert the crisis and help neighbors more violent instead, will this just increase the violence in the world.

In fact, I wonder how much of this is the reason for the already increasing tribalism we see in the world?

Some further study: Does an increase in temperature in lead to: 
1) decrease in altruistic acts? 
2) Increase in tribalism? 
One can be studied by simply looking at charities helped etc. 2 can be looked at in social dilemma games. 

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