Monday, February 15, 2016

The Symphony

For Valentines, me and the SO went out to a symphony. Tchaikovsky's piece on Dante. Beautiful work and one I highly recommend you listen to as soon as you can.

The main point of this post is that attending a symphony is a little different than listening to other kinds of music. Other kinds of live music don't equal it, for most of the other ones I listen to are to move (physically) myself in a different way. When I went to this symphony, I realized that my mind was wandering far from the music (or perhaps with the music) and into a garden rich with thoughts [1]. And each thought could be followed to their logical end.

I think it was then that I truly thought of symphonies as something more than just musical [2]. In fact, I'm certain that next time I will go with my pen and notepad to make sure that some ideas (for stories) won't be missed. I do recommend that other people try it for that reason alone. [3]

[1] Who knows? Perhaps this is an example of losing some interest, but I beg to differ. I should note that this is also a matter of the string section evoking this more than anything else. I listened to a string quartet a few weeks prior, and that was certainly a beautiful moment as well. 

[2] I've mentioned that art has truly been something I enjoy more as I age, I think classical music is another. Sure, I'll listen to Future as much as anyone, but classical hits another part of the brain. I'd even go so far as to say that listening to classical music in my house doesn't work as well as sitting down to just listen to it. I imagine that music purists will view my mind wandering as troublesome at best. 

[3] The people watching at intermission was interesting, but I would not note it as my favorite place to do it. There tends to be little variety at such shows and a very specific age comes here.

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1 comment:

  1. Or your mind wanders when staring at the boring. I suggest you experiment with a wall of drying paint. I'm guessing it's the same effect. And thus should you complete that equation....


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