Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fractal Fragment: Gerad's Love

Ah, that fractal story and Gerad's initially noble place has now taken a sinister turn. If he's guilty (is there guilt to be handed out?), should this be his downfall? Thing is, he took up a bull horn for the Black Lives Matter people and thus became the focal point of a government smear campaign. Thus certain emails and documents were recently leaked and we'll include them here because they might matter for what he has said. And so it goes. 

At times the sex was prodigious, it was the kind about which he was sure poems were written. At other times, however, there was in the air, the smell of the death—or the start of death—of what they shared together, and during times like these, when she appeared as almost a stranger and the way all they had in the past and what they had as connections all cut, and his mind wandered elsewhere. And then the sex, the melting of two minds and bodies was no longer that but merely an action with parts with positions, and the pleasure from certain positions easily turned from a mutual love to angles and pressure and silly silly mechanical action that was easily replicated.

These moments bent his mind in ways he did not appreciate and in the following seconds, once they had wiped up the cum and smiled and walked in front of each other naked, their bodies no longer new to each other, there would transpire a conversation between them. A light in her eyes, an intellectual light, would flare inside his brain and he would wonder if this was the step into old age—for he had always felt that he was not of this world with these apes who'd taken over and so the vestiges of old age appearing at his age would not have shocked him—this move away from the lusting for sex and towards the intellectual. 

If so, then perhaps old age was not so bad. For that lusting was always a more short term pleasure and a more ephemeral one. Not to mention that even at this day the ways in which one could gain intellectual stimulation was far and few between.

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