Monday, March 28, 2016

No Words

So Tony Blair has said that millions of Muslims are not "compatible" with the modern world. Yes, the some one who decided that bombing the hell out of the Middle East was fine while lying to his own people. The chutzpah is impressive. 

But he's a politician, what can one expect? Here's the real worrying part: the discussion. Admittedly, it's part of one of the worse subreddits on reddit, but it's still applicable to what I hear almost everywhere IRL. And what's funny is few pick up on the chilling fact that if Blair was willing to make up reasons to kill Muslims, then that he is coming up with ( in his view) are better excuses, we are looking at a horrendous future.

So it goes, but the comments essentially look like this: it's a backward religion and it needs to be cut off like a cancer. I'm an atheist, and no fan of any fundamentalism. But that these people (even the self-proclaimed atheists) are falling for the same tidy-mindedness of fundamentalism makes them just as big of a problem. 

Anyhow, that's my rant. Not well thought out, I admit, but it's something. I was once such an atheist as well, but it's sad to see people think in the exact same terms as their supposed enemies, then go on to claim that their views are some how better. 

Also the view that Islam just needs a reformation, is similarly silly. As if post 16th century Christianity was some bastion of peace. Again, it's tidy-mindedness, or fundamentalism. It refuses to see the world as complex. Uses the primate's ability to separate things into type and token and ends it there with a simplistic solution. 

Oh, and that there are fundamentalists on our side influencing our foreign policy in worse ways does not strike them as worthy of mention. But me ranting isn't enough. How to change their minds?

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