Wednesday, March 9, 2016

On Droning on

I want to add that the previous post on drones is annoying because it allows for the vast majority of our media to be completely complacent. The most recent killing is a perfect example. 150 people killed somewhere across the world and we allow our government to simply make statements (that they will never be held accountable for) without verifying them. Look, for example, into this article by Greenwald that makes many good points. 

Shouldn't we expect our media to at least question a few things that the officials in the government say? Naw, best to remain docile. Also, note that when something blows back from this,  cause, you know, people don't like being killed all the time, then you'll see those who've wrapped themselves in the flag to gain so much money dodge any consequences and socialize those losses. 

Just saying.

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