Wednesday, March 23, 2016

On Je Suis etc... I Will Not Remain Silent.

Just another point on the Brussels Attacks: There are some saying that those of us who immediately worry about the backlash, or about other matters that are part of the context are only adding fuel to fire, that we're not bringing anyone to our side. 

Let me say that adding context is always necessary. And again, when those who are high and mighty about any actions against innocents killed in the "wrong" countries [1]. For us to remain silent as to the consequences after seeing so much of the cycle of violence would be a dereliction of our duties as thinking citizens. Yes, I'm being crass. I have a right to be. This need to silence us dissenters seems to always trump any reasonable discourse. [2]

The same thing happened with regard to the whole Je Suis matter. Now, I don't agree with those who decided not to show when PEN decided to honor the victims of the Hebdo massacre for what they had written. But I do see where they're coming from: that in a world where there are many many actions against free speech, to choose this one is to dance for the iniquities of the day. For any hyperbole about that attack serves to play into the hands of those who want to wage war and cover our eyes. To say other wise is foolish at best. 

And with the current massacre I say the same thing: no I will not be silent because someone has to face off the mob violence that will stem from it, even if it stems from the barrel of state-sponsored terrorism. Platitudes I hear, and once again, I fear for the innocents of the world. [3]

[1] You know, where the sand niggers live. Because there are always excuses for those: well it's collateral is the biggest one. I doubt they would sing the same tune if ISIS suddenly decided to use the same cover: saying that the attacks were meant to target a few military people and the rest were collateral wouldn't assuage them, would it?

[2] Be a Good German, I imagine, is the leading thought here, for no one never declined to express sympathy for the victims, but merely to add context to the situation since being silent in the face of calls for revenge is the same as allowing that status quo to live on.

[3] When elephants fight, only the grass is trampled and all that. Also, the halls of power are always quick to set limits on freedom of speech. No, only in certain places do they go about shooting those who say the wrong thing, but for others, the freedom to starve is still held as a knife above free speech.

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