Thursday, March 3, 2016

On Ministry of Bombs & downloading for free

Well, the writing is going, and as I've mentioned before, it's been mainly shorts. I will focus on prose and a long piece soon enough, though. On that matter, here's a pseudo-essay on reactions on earth when sign of alien life is spotted on a distant globe. Hope you enjoy it. Now, on to other matters, such as me and my book, Ministry of Bombs. If you haven't read it yet, I recommend that you do. It's my take on a thriller, so not like any that you've ever read.

I think of myself as being sufficiently shallow. It's a posture mixed with defensive and learned elements; defensive as in if I inoculate myself, such moves as Googling my name aren't so embarrassing; learned as in when my grinning goofy face shows up on my Facebook shares, I blush—internally.

But this post is about the consequences of one of my Google-selfies (pardon the wrong term and the swift transition). I recently found a discussion in the darker reaches of the Internet about me. In it, a prospective fan was lamenting that despite all their attempts to find Ministry of Bombs, they were still without a book. How then, the user asked, to get one? Immediately a chorus of users pointed out a site where he could download the ebook for free. The user was ecstatic and left to do just that.  

Now, I'm not exactly sure how to feel about this liberation—to use a colonial and neo-colonial term—of my paltry royalty salary. Sure, the user had gone through some serious pains to get the book and his bookstore and library both said they wouldn't order it! [1] And even though I'm confused as to why the user couldn't find the book online [2], the quickness with which others—some of whom loved the book, said it changed their view of the world—told him to get it for free was saddening.

This book has barely cracked any sales barriers and here were ostensible fans making certain that this remained that way. Of course, after that initial reaction, I wondered if I was being hypocritical. Perhaps I did this in other mediums. I try really hard to buy music that I like, but in the end it's mainly youtube videos I listen to. I think books are different, but that's a morally self-serving position, isn't it?

So it goes and all, but at least there was some good from this Internet-eavesdropping of mine. Two people on the thread claimed that the book was a world-view changing one (something I try hard to achieve). And even if another claimed that I was overconfident [3] and that the book was no masterpiece, my ego was still stoked—as my monetary situation worsens by the day. 

And for anyone else out there who has not had any luck in finding a copy of one of my books. Please email me at nlowhim [at] gmail [dot] com and we can work something out. Of course, if you're in a bad place monetarily, I understand that why one would use torrents. But that's it for my rant.

[1] Why?! Because it was published by a division of Amazon? Createspace, the company claims it should be available through all channels. Why is it not?

[2] Or go through me as I'm more than willing to get the book to people who don't have it. All they have to do is email me or contact me through my website. 

[3] Come on, me? Always thought I was pretty humble, but goes to show how one can come across online, I suppose.

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