Saturday, March 26, 2016

On Trump & Populism

I mentioned in a recent post that I'd kept abreast with the comment sections in conservative websites and this had, in turn, allowed me to be well-prepared when Trump's sustained rise happened. Of course, this isn't to say that I perfectly predicted it, just that I knew how much against an establishment candidate the people on the right were.

But it seems to have caught many people in the center off guard. The trouble with the mainstream media is that they still don't seem to get it [1]. Now, go ahead and read that article. It's done in a somewhat condescending way. In their eyes, the media never lies or makes mistakes and so the people's distrust of them is uncalled for and part of some sad heuristic [2]. But it's not. Sure those Trump supporters seem to be using a strong level of confirmation bias when seeing what Trump says, but they're not doing it to a greater level than other supporters of other candidates. 

I'm not saying there's some equivalency between the left and right, but I am saying that the reasons the media and the establishment are going against Trump doesn't seem so clear. Or doesn't seem to align with what they're saying in public. In the end it seems to be about Trump's belligerency more than anything [3], for the media. While the republican establishment seems shocked that everything they've been hinting at has been absorbed as true and now has morphed into something else. [4]

Again, this is no pro-Trump statement, but it is a statement that those in the media & establishment now trying to run against him seem smug [5] and do not understand anything about his rise: from the diversity behind its ideas to the people taking those ideas and morphing them to fit in with their reality and sense of selves (one that requires some egoism, I would imagine). What are your thoughts on the matter?

Update:  And Bill Maher has decided to speak about that which is the choice between Trump and Cruz and sided with Cruz because the Trump might be thin-skinned and a little more nutty. Sorry, I still don't see it. Basically the only hope is that Cruz might be lying? Perhaps I'm missing something

[1] Worse yet, they don't seem to get it in many ways (read that article, really), using all sorts of condescending words to describe the likes of Trump or his supporters. Even with John Oliver, ostensibly part of the smart of the media, the best that could be done was to try and call Trump Drumpf. I mean, is that serious? If Trump is as bad as they think, why not come up with something better than that?

[2] That they, the media, are not a part of and not susceptible to, magically. Again, if they were actually able to report things without a status quo tilt, this would make sense, but they can't. I've talked about this in length before, and others have done it with much more research: the media definitely has a tilt towards the status quo and only will discuss other matters when people are pissed off enough to protest about it. This has been true for issues important to the left. 

Now that the right picks some odd points and comes away with a sense of disenfranchisement is interesting to me (so are some of their out of the way conspiracy theories) as they seem to cherry pick a few matters that are dear to the left and twist them for their own reasons (i.e. add nationalism to it)

[3] With Trump, it's how he says it that matters. And the media doesn't appear to like how he says certain things. So he doesn't want to play that part of the dog and pony show. To me this appears infantile (Am I missing something?). Also some who would mock his speeches as word salads would do well to study them: they seem to be perfect with a repeat of his main points (I'm the best etc) and a few slogans stuck here and there. What more could be needed for this day and age. And his Twitter presence only goes to show how well that 70 year old is able to use new technology to his advantage (better than me, at least). 

[4] That analysis of the dog-whistle versus someone belligerently saying something has been bandied around. In the end, Trump's only differences so far is that he has pointed out that Iraq was a mistake and that he was willing to state that he would solve the Israeli-Palestinian issue by being neutral. Again, a matter of heuristics, but it could be that these are minor, but people see what they want and they see him willing to stand up for something, don't they?

[5] The use of the term white-trash, by those on the left and now those on the right is something to behold. I suppose it stems for a hate for your fellow man. I know that such people, the "white trash" probably have no time for someone like me (and some might use worse epithets against me and others), but it's abhorrent to be so condescending to other citizens. Yes, I know this opens me up to much criticism, but it appears to a complete lack of empathy again... no matter your views on other matters. 

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