Sunday, March 20, 2016

Robots do Art

Art imitating life? Check out this article on robots that take in images and spit out art. Of course the idea of creative robots is out there, as with this story of mine with hints at a robotic arm helping to create my favorite artist's large pieces. So what to say about the ability of machines to create something beautiful? Compared to board games [1] and other recently fallen mile markers, AI doesn't seem to have mastered art yet... has it?

As interesting as many of these pieces of art seem, I am under the impression that they aren't all that beautiful. But that's in the eye of the beholder [2]. That being said, I will wait to see the artistic robot that takes over for Picasso. In Labyrinth of Souls, my latest book, the robot in the book takes on art as a measurement for how human it an be. A cool thought, though in the end the art he creates is only to test humans' reactions and in fact it only serves to drive them away from him.

Nothing so sinister in real life. The book also looks at an AI that tells the perfect story with complete knowledge of human events and literature. Something a single human is unable to do. So it goes. We still haven't seen that capability from robots. What would be interesting is how the combination of AI (in terms of scraping and rearranging data) and different storytelling medium will change writing and other forms of storytelling. 

Once again, I can't wait. 

[1] Well, the advocates of go would claim that it's indeed a beautiful game, and one that requires a good bit of creativity; nevertheless that final frontier has fallen. 

[2] And as I've said before, I'm a pleb in such matters. I walk into most modern art museums and don't find much beauty...

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