Sunday, March 27, 2016

Why I Write: Rebel

As you may or may not know, there was a reason I wrote Rebel. This novella is about a man in the south stuck under growing oppression. The main reason was not that an occupation in the southern states were likely, or to play to their already prevalent sense of victimhood. 

No, there were two main reasons I wrote that book (aside from abiding by the siren song of the muse). First was to represent a view of an occupation (or its oppression) from a greater power on American soil: I wanted to show its effects on the population. Part of the hope was to provide a mirror that would let people see how such oppression works on the minds of people and why people tend to react the way they do (i.e. the current "terrorists" du jour).

The second reason was that I wanted to paint as foolish the current calls from certain subsections of the population—people of mid to lower SES [1]—for glassing the Middle East or torturing undesirables or sustained terrorism from the sky via drones.

I wanted some of them to at least understand that their leaders with their crocodile tears, were not doing this out of love, but rather something like manipulation: whereby they were more than willing to make money, and if they had to use the pleb's us vs them tribalism, they would. Granting this power to these leaders was fool-hardy and it was even dumber to allow them a free hand to use it as they pleased. Why? Because I sensed (and this is also me speaking as the author, mind, a whole separate entity) that this could and would be easily used against them.

Now, there was a certain use of this military force and tactics against minorities here at home, but outside of a few exceptions (in the 1990s) it wasn't used against whites on the edge of power [2]. So why would anything be different this time? Well the use of military force has (is) been directed against minorities, but more than ever I was certain that it would be turned against whites on the lower end too because their use to those up top seems to have run out. 

Again, this is me, the author speaking, and there's always an element of truth combined with hyperbole with that side of me, but I sense that I am right. Note the establishment's desire for certain people to just go away. Beautiful, isn't it? And as automation takes away these people's power (in terms of working) as well as directing it more easily at them, in terms of automated weaponized drones, won't we see vile labels launched at this "no longer useful" sector? 

In other words, too much power has been placed in certain hands and now we're faced with a need to take back that power before it's used against us citizens (more than it already has). [3] Hence the reason to raise the consciousness of the nation before it's too late. Hyperbole, possibly, but you should read the book, or listen to the audio book. Good work all of it. 

[1] Whites, usually. Social economic status. I'll stay away from words like white trash and rednecks as they have no place here.

[2] Perhaps for minorities it could be said to be used against any one trying to even stand up, whilst against whites it was used for those actually standing up to power. 

[3] History has plenty lessons on this matter. The Bolsheviks giving Stalin the power to torture, only to have that torture used against them, is one. In general such powers are rarely used for what they are claimed (to keep the population safe) but usually used to keep power and to keep the population in check. 

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