Friday, May 13, 2016

Audiobooks a Plenty

I never thought that I would be big into audiobooks. But here I am, years after thinking that audiobooks are for those who don't like reading, listening to them. I enjoy listening to them in the car, and whenever it's not possible to read a book. One can knock much off their reading list if they allow for this to fill their slower moments (in a car etc) which can't be used for reading. That being said, books that are too complex or deep don't seem to transfer well to this medium. It's better to have a simple book that's easy to understand. Or, barring that, a classic, like the Iliad, that will be perfect for listening.

On that note, I have been on a little bit of a promotional stint for my audiobooks. If you haven't done so, you should check them out. There are a variety of them. A few are short and sweet (6 minutes is the shortest, a few are an hour or so) and the rest are longer. I highly recommend them:

Cleanse the Soul is a short one hour Kafkaesque story about a man wrongfully accused in a dungeon somewhere. It's dark stuff, so beware

Satan's Plea is another short story that's humorous. Essentially, it's a letter from Satan to humans. Good for a few laughs. 

Finally, there's Citymuse. A novel about a man in NYC trying to make ends meet. Good stuff, I would think. Love and betrayal and the sense of loss that flows from that city is all over this.

There are 17 other ones, so check them all out. 

All of my audiobooks are available here:

Here are the Audible Links

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The Amazon Links. Check them out.

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