Tuesday, May 24, 2016

On Text as a Singular Phenomenon

I've talked a lot about art and life, as well as the great author Algo and the initial foray into fractal writing. I've also talked about about how Algo is now following another author who seems to be creatively superior. 

But now there seems to be an entire movement towards having text as a singular event. Or as singular as today's world, with its ubiquitous cameras, would allow. Now, it's hard to trace this to any single source. Some say that it's a reaction [1] to text becoming cheap and easily copied all over the internets. Others say it's merely a derivative act of Buddhism whereby the creation is a little more permanent. 

Now, Algo and some others have taken to using street art to their benefit. Much like the invisible poetry in Boston, where the poetry is only seen in the rain, the new text are stories only told once on certain walls. 

Also took this a step further, cut up his final manuscript (a short one, admittedly) and had pages of it placed up in black-night paint all over the world. The book that was released was a map with the page numbers. This is much in line with his creative superior who decided to cut up her manuscript and paste it all over a large canvas. 

Of course, these can be replicated by photos, and anyone who cares enough will piece together the story and sell it. But it does speak to the changing of guards with respect to infinite replication of text.  Now, readers can travel to a certain place to read a book. Or a page. 

I'll admit that poets will have more luck with this kind of text. Theirs can pack a bigger punch on a single wall and that would lead to a reader getting more out of a visiting one place. In fact, hordes of readers are now trying to visit these off the beaten track places, shining their black lights for those words. [2]

Those who write shorter myths are also seeing more traction with this style of writing. [3] The question is whether it will become something more than what it is right now. What are your thoughts?

[1] Quite possibly a futile one where the reaction is merely a tree standing in the way of a tsunami. Who can argue against that, who can argue against the internet?

[2] The more recent trend of poets and prose writers doing more and more insane things to become known, and to warrant a trip to the said place, is a whole other matter. For now I'll allow social media to be blamed, and even if live action video allows for certain actions (some act of self-aggrandizement or self-mutilation or suicide, unfortunately), it's still a wholly separate matter from this new form of text.

[3] Again, much of this has come out in secretive forms (blacklight only, or clear waterproof part that will allow for the rain to show the words). I sense that this says something even more about the nature of this text. Something almost religious.

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