Monday, June 20, 2016

And Then July Was Upon Us

I'm in the midst of getting notes [1] transferred to documents on my computer and seeing where they all fit, but there's been a little bit of a stasis in my motivation and the muse has not been so kind as to visit me.

Tough times, these, and I'll spare you a first world meme, but I've been striving to make the little spare time I have to write worthwhile—even if I draw a blank when writing, and then don't have the time to come up with the energy for transferring old notes. I hope that this recent drawing of mine will do the trick. It's not great, but I dare say there's some beauty to it.

I only hope that it will allow me to write more. So here goes...

[1] I think I've mentioned this new take on writing. I was going to go all old school and get some typewriter, but I decided that it did not make sense, as I've never completely enjoyed such a method. So I went even more old school and wrote in old fashioned pen and paper. No, not any fancy journal, simply the good old fashioned yellow legal pad. Tell you the truth, though it now seems to make complete sense, and I may say things like the tactile variable of this kind of writing makes it much more visceral, that was not my initial reason.
The main reason was because I had read a Paris review interview by the Late Great James Baldwin, and he claimed to only ever to write by pen for it gave him shorter more declarative sentences. Being that I thought (and think) Baldwin to be one of the best {a}writers of the previous century, I decided to do the same.

{a} by best I mean most clear concise sentences and most insightful view of the world. There are plenty of famous writers from the previous century who had clear concise, or even fanciful sentences but offered no real insight into anything.

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