Thursday, June 2, 2016

Current Events

Some quick notes on current events and the state of the status quo. I will note that this is not an endorsement of anyone in particular but merely an observation. Mainly that those in the status quo [1] reacting to Trump in ways that I find laughable and, quite frankly, only goes to show how weak their stances are, especially when they try to cry crocodile tears about the whole matter. [2]

Take what Hillary is saying. Does anyone think that mentioning other world leaders will help her? Or take this reaction to what our old guard in literature has said in reaction to Trump. Do they even have a leg to stand on?

Meanwhile, I stand here full of schadenfreude, wondering when those up top will realize if they even know that the rules to their game have been changed? I mean it, because the country must be saved. From whom, is the question we're fighting over. 

[1] Or the defining power of our time and those who look to gain by kowtowing to power, or those who simply want to sit in the cool shade of power.

[2] In no way saying I think Trump has better intellectual standing, or is even close to them in this respect.

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