Friday, July 8, 2016

A Horror

A horror has unfolded on the streets of Dallas. Thoughts out to the slain and the injured. I heard about it as soon as it happened on my Twitter feed. It was interesting to see such an act unfold through social media sites and to, in real time, hear people's reactions.

This is not an analysis of what happened, or the gun control "needed" to minimize such acts. [1] Nor is it a view of the perpetrator and his veteran roots. Though it does sadden me that this will only be used to smear us all as raving PTSD madmen [2]. No, I'm going to talk about what I saw unfolding online.

Now, I'm a proponent of the theory that internet comments aren't useless, they're the id of our people. But it was troubling to hear people talk about the BLM as if they were the issue. The common view is that they are just trouble makers [3] and some even called them a terrorist group. Well, I for one am glad that some people are using that term because it just goes to show how baseless it is (and confirms the view that the mainstream—like those in power—uses it so that they can only bludgeon the oppressed, nothing more). That no one even takes a moment to see what exactly BLM stands for (non-violence, btw) is a sad statement to the unthinking products of our educational system.

Meanwhile, from less right wing members of society (the just be quiet! group) were calling for BLM to stand down, or somehow blaming them for this. There were also countless claims that BLM people were cheering these deaths. I have yet to see this, and wouldn't put it past the rights agents provocateurs of carrying these out on their own (to say nothing of the few bad apples who should taint an entire peaceful movement). Still, this was used as another example of how/why to bludgeon minorities.


I know when oppression is about to be stepped up, so I will certainly stand by BLM in any shape or form from now on. This doesn't make one anti-LE. No, it makes one human. 
Your thoughts on the matter?

[1] I'm of the mind that the gun control that simply looks to limiting the assault rifle is the antithesis of what real liberalism is. That is, it's looking at a very small sliver of gun-related deaths and not tackling the broader issue. Sure, the military-grade weapon makes for better headlines, but that's it. The fact is that it's too minor to care about. The other deaths through handguns should be more closely examined. And I dare say that for those liberals (I'll use the term loosely) who want to ban military grade weapons, this is mainly an issue because these events tend to hit middle class (and while) more often. Now, I'm not saying that it's possible that the proliferation of such guns aren't an issue, as it does increase the potential of more violence (it's just that it isn't coming through in stats). I'll also say that the right wing argument for these shootings (that we would feel/be safe in such situations if we all had guns) has been put to rest. All it takes is a little bit of training to cause damage. 

[2] Oh, I've written about this, and you can read the books, but this is a bit too much, the view (even from those "thank you for your service" people) that we're trigger happy crazies. 

[3] Don't let anyone fool you, it's the same shit they said about MLK in his time, nevermind the white washing of that great man's views and actions by our mainstream media.

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