Friday, July 15, 2016

Another Sad Day

The city of Nice is a beautiful place to visit. My first book, Tree of Freedom was based there. Sad to hear about what happened there on the Promenade de Anglais. There are fewer things more tragic than the killing of innocents. Of any innocents. 

Yet even this blog of mine tends to focus on what happens here in our Western Hemisphere [1], and though I try to mention why it happened here, or what the reaction could possibly be to, people tend to be struck dumb or resort to immediate blaming and belligerent attacks. I know, dissonance is a hard thing to swallow, but one would hope more people would try to change their world view instead of lashing out at the messenger.

So it goes. But I think that I'll stick to my memories of Nice. It was a gorgeous city in the summer, and its pebble beach was always filled with great people. I remember the Australian tourists we met there, how kind they were. I remember the locals always willing to help. I also remember a French Commando telling me that he wanted to kill all the Muslims (while holding his cross). Not saying any of the latter case is indicative of the entire nation, but it's not in a vacuum either. 

My liberal friends still look at France as the wise country that stayed out of Iraq, and indeed they were that for that situation. But they were always into Empire-lite. [2] This point cannot be lost. So thoughts go out to the innocents. Even those beneath French bombs, even as their screams won't be heard and the word "atrocity" will not be used for them. 

[1] I'd try to be better, but I too am influenced by how much attention is paid by my fellow citizens to certain tragedies. And no, I'm not even talking about the terror attacks by non-state actors in other countries, but rather about all attacks on the innocent. Yet, it's hard to blame people for caring more about places they haven't been to. No, that's not the point. The main point of contention is that there's no context added (and thus everything done to add context looks like "excuses"). Sad thing is that those on the left (center) sound the same as those on the right seem to take this to heart and call for the "ending" of ISIS etc. Genocide. Again, I'll be there to call out the Nazis whenever I can, no matter their ilk. 

[2] I think I mentioned how people around me ask "What did France do?". It has done plenty. None of that is in a vacuum either. 

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