Tuesday, July 12, 2016

On XKCD, Feeling "Old", & True Hope.

The only thing about this article that makes me feel old is the disconnect between me and the zeitgeist (to include people my age). Though that isn't directly connected with feeling old, it is a variable in feeling old. Any how, I'm thinking on this XKCD comic. Suppose growing older is fine. But I, for one, see this as a great thing. I don't want the next generation to be as stupid about 9-11 as we have been.

Yes, that's an apology to those up and coming Americans. I still see the same reaction amongst us whenever someone even tries to overthrow the dominant narrative. One thing this Dallas event has shown is how quickly those on the right are to use the word "terrorist" and other vile words (likening the BLM movement to the KKK, even). Interesting to see them stripped of all their allure and to be shown as nothing more than spiteful kids, this part of the right.

Same goes for those who use 9-11 as a bludgeon against everyone. They will die out, and luckily the newest generation seems to have the gall to mock it at every turn. Here's to the future, then. 

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