Monday, August 22, 2016

More on Trump et al

I've written more about this election than previous ones but perhaps that's because of what's going on. My main point was that the Trumps and the Clintons are not what they seem and it would be best if we don't heed the call to bend the knee for one side or another (which usually means some odd fetish for no criticisms at all).

Well, sometimes others say it better than I. One of my reservations, besides Hillary's turn to the right (which seemed all too natural), was how the people on the right against Trump either viewed him as a liberal or were joker neocons who had no right to call Trump unfit for Presidency. In fact that latter reaction makes the deep state more suspect than ever. [1] For more I highly recommend this post by those over at nakedcapitalism. It's a solid review of the need to be careful since those who are on the right and who don't like Trump are not necessarily our friend. One also

[1] Not that I'm some tin foil, I just mean those who seem to swim beneath the surface of almost every administration (Hayden et al).

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