Sunday, August 7, 2016

Some Cheese, Please.

Well, I'm not one to complain too much about the solitary aspects of writing [1], but I will note it. Blessed are the fans who reach out and claim that my writing has changed them. Not always in the way I wish, of course. Books like The Struggle still reach out to those who know little about the Iraq war but also to those going out there to fight another futile war. 

As it was, so shall it be. But I'm not here to make another political statement either. Rather, that when I get an acceptance letter instead of a rejection letter, it's a great feeling. So here's a thanks to The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.

For those readers worried about when the next book will be out, please don't fret. It's coming. [2] My shorts, still a focal point, will be coming out as well. I think I mentioned how there has been something of a moment of truth with respect to the kind of writing I've been looking at. There have been more pseudo essays, certainly, but I wonder if I can come up with a proper combination of multiple narratives (that representation of an especially fragmented and fractal world that we find ourselves in today) and stories that a single page needs to hold.

I'm hoping that poetry might hold some solutions, but I'm not entirely certain. Nevertheless, I sense that something will come of this. So don't fret, more will be coming out soon.

[1] Nor will I dive into the whole issue about social media making writing anything but a solitary affair, making it anything but what we once knew and thought about it. Not that I'm disparaging this, it's merely a seismic change to how many of us view writing. I might be writing more and more about this. 

[2] And I'll make sure that this blog does not devolve into a journal, though if it contributes to telling a story I will not deny that either. 

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