Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Something Still in the Air

There seems to be a rising chorus of people, on the left and right, who know that the current  system is out of wack, that the emperor has no clothes, that the power structure has no vialbility, no real moral authority and must thus fall.

I've been thinking about this current of thought for some time now. Thinking about the change that seems to charge the air—at least in potential if not yet in action—and these thoughts all center on the idea of a boy yelling out that the emperor has no clothes. These thoughts see this action for the seditious act it truly is [1] and thus draw from another idea: Montaigne's quote about how the man who stirs the waters does it for others who will harvest the fish stirred up. Revolutions betrayed, I suppose—to say nothing of revolutionary online commentators.

Still, it doesn't seem off that any free country has a built in reaction that harms those who take it down. A reaction that makes certain that no one who undertakes usurpation does it lightly. In other words, one must be provoked harshly to want to do anything. We shall see, of course. I don't think our own country is quite ripe for this: but many other countries are. And it will spread, as climate change grows worse.

[1] Always is when power is involved.

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