Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Another Post Over at the Mantle

A quick post here. Over at The Mantle I have a piece on the border between fiction and non-fiction. It took me quite a while to write it and it was mainly because the idea itself was barely afloat in the detritus of the writing I was churning out in realtime. I think I've talked about this, how the influence of Borges might have been too much over the past few years and how I still think that the border between fiction and nonfiction, damn near impossible to define, is still something of great importance to me and my writing.

But of course, that made writing the post even harder: how to explain this is what my writing has come to? Some of the people I know enjoy it, enjoy that no essay can be said to be real or not (not unless there's a dead giveaway leaning towards the fantastical) and that very property can be what drives people away.

I once posted this story about what ISIS wants on Facebook and the reaction was one where a friend even wondered if it was real. Good times for the pseudo-essayist, bad times for those who demand (wrongly, I and most post-modernists would say) a hard line between fiction and non-fiction. 

I could write so much about this, but I won't. Go over there and check out the article (and the other ones that The Mantle has) and discuss. 

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