Sunday, September 4, 2016

Back from the Cascades

Well, I'm back from a trip out backpacking in the Cascades. Just in time to get work done for Labor Day. Ah, the times we live in, they are indeed troubling. The trip was nothing short of amazing, with two passes and vistas fit for a king, or the .01%.

One thing that troubled me was seeing forests of zombie trees followed by graveyards for these trees. The former appeared the work of some infection while the latter the work of storms. Both are results of climate change [1] and look to accelerate in the coming decades.

In addition, there were few glaciers to look upon, and the one that we did see was paltry. That being said, I managed to use this first back packing trip of mine to write at least a few words. Mainly, without an alarm clock, I used the time to catch up on my sleep.

Unfortunately, since I'm no longer young, none of the time spent there was as edifying as it once was. More a problem with me rather than anything else, but I am what I am.

[1] Oh, I know no single event can conclusively be blamed on climate change. Some of it is the result of natural causes and cycles, of course. That doesn't mean things won't get worse than what they've been before.

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