Monday, September 26, 2016

Lionel Shriver & the writing world

Lionel Shriver's latest post in the NY Times would, in a fair world, be relegated to the dustheap of history. Instead we have someone with privilege complaining about having to explain herself and—this part is important—throwing back some hyperbolic tripe to defend herself.

This only goes to confirm my stereotypical views of the literary world, especially the homogenous (in class and culture and race) one based in NYC (the parts that hold power, that is). Luckily, there was this retort that uses a cool-headed analysis to rip apart Shriver's article. Good to see that people out there are fighting back. More to be done.

Update: Read the top comment here. Also sums up the view against political correctness. And here's another article on the matter.

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