Friday, September 23, 2016

Short Story

When I saw him, he looked bigger, fatter than the previous times we'd hung out, though he was at least much more joyful than that skinny kid I knew could run a 2 mile in 10:40 flat. 

His personality had changed: no, not the joyous part, but an annoying righteousness had grown upon him that I never thought him capable of. It was after talking to him that I changed my whole perspective of him. It wasn't merely that he was fatter and that he was possibly damaging his cardiovascular health. it wasn't even a matter of too much food.

Let me explain. My mother, when I would refuse to eat as a child would say that children in Ethiopia were starving. Back then I would retort that we should have sent them the food, thinking it wa a ploy to get me to guiltily eat the subpar food (to my child's tastebuds). I thought then that the child in Somalia would not miss a chance at any food. but now, as I talked to my friend, I realized that the comparison could have been more about the structure of the world's food distribution and my position at top versus the child in Ethiopia's position at the bottom.

My friend certainly saw it that way and said as much as he ate a full course meal. His view was that plenty were dying to enable him to eat, so why not gorge himself? The least he could do was victory eat. I think he actually derived joy from knowing how much that excess food was worth to people elsewhere on the globe. 

Well, it didn't make much sense and made me downright uncomfortable to hear someone talk like that. I was already in an angry mood after losing a bet on an earlier soccer match and told him as much. He nodded and claimed that lost bets would be the end of me. We parted ways and, thankfully, never saw each other again.

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