Sunday, October 30, 2016

An addition to the 21st Century Best Novels (so far, and at this time and place)

If you don't know about my list of best 21st century novels, it's here. [1] It's a list I'll be curating until I somehow (apocalypse or heart attack from running) cease to have internet access. I've mentioned before that the filter of time may add or take away a novel or two. So far, nothing has really been taken away, though I've demoted Llosa's Dream of the Celt for some reasons that aren't wholly apparent to me. 

That being said, I'm now adding Shalimar the Clown because it's a book that at least tries to look at occupation and the results of in a certain section of the world, though it also spreads that idea around the world as well. Some of you may know that I don't agree with Rushdie on much, but as I've mentioned before, sometimes you have to separate the author from their creation—not to mention what they say in general. Therefore, despite my issues with the author, and even the few issues with this book, it stands as an important attempt to look at terrorism in our time. Incomplete? Yes, but still well worth it.

I'm also adding Adiche's Half a Yellow Sun to the list of the books I have in consideration, though not in the final set. A talented author, Adiche is sure to come up with a few more books to this list (I haven't read Americanah).

 If you think I should add anything else, please let me know!

[1] Now I know that these lists can be parsed ten ways and picked to death, but—of course—my list a better list than the GQ one—which seems to look through a list of NYTimes recs and come to its choices. On the other hand, the BBC one seems a little better since it's somewhat more worldwide, but still seems like a list of short term favorites (Adiche, of course, excepted).

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