Tuesday, November 22, 2016

21 Savage and some Flarf poetry (as Youtube Comments)

Ever heard of 21 "This shit slaps harder than my step dad" Savage? Well, this song is good enough with its flow and beat to stick with me for some time. Nevertheless, in my desire to touch up on some zeitgeist, here are the Youtube comments:

This shit makes me want to
sign up for Club Penguin without parent's permission
borrow a pencil and forget to return it
sign my parent permission slip
visit Disney's website without parental permission
make koolaid with out sugar
steal a balloon on free balloon day
wear shorts while its snowing
go to a museum and touch stuff.
sign the Terms and Conditions on Club Penguin without reading it
cut up my winning lottery ticket
eat soup with a fork
binge watch a whole series and not watch the last ep
burn my grandma's house down then cash out on the insurance money just to blow it all on a drug addiction
put ramen in the the micro wave and and forget water

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