Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Great Book and the Zeitgeist

Just finished reading Abyssinian Chronicles. Wow, what a book. Of course, I always reserve the right to change my mind as the filter of tie weakens a book (as it has done to many)[1], but this book definitely deserves more acclaim than it has had. On the back page it claims to be an African version of 100 years of Solitude, or Midnight's Children. I find that to be an odd comparison, even if I understand the marketing behind it. 😑

Not that I'm saying that those two books aren't great, just that they're so different as to not warrant a comparison. And yes, speaking for myself, these books don't compare to this piece that runs across a vast and varied history, hardly stopping to take a breath in its scoop of human nature. So far, this book (for someone who thought books this strong were too far in the past) has managed to shock and amaze me. It's a definitive book for the past century and still speaks to the future with much prescience. Check it out if you get the chance.

[1] I think what also cemented this book was that I read about Idi Amin as the Trump Presidency was confirmed. Good times. What it also showed was that such times can rarely be blamed on one person and what came after Idi Amin seems to be much worse, even if it doesn't have the same methods that were so abhorrent.

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