Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Yes, dear reader, I've been hard at work on those shorts and the next installation of Gods Fail. I will have to say that I've also been thinking about formulating a proper mystery. Proper as in something I'd like.

You must know, by now, of my hate for the average mystery novel. Even those which are more edgy I can barely stomach (I speak of the Nesbo books I've read recently[1]).  In the end, the genre's need to solve the mystery in a clean manner (though the Nesbo kind leaves some dirt on the detective) is what gets to me. It just seems so contrary to life in general.

What all this means is that my favorite mystery until recently was Chronicle of a Death Foretold. The beauty of this novella cannot be overstated. Nor can the indictment of an entire city. But it has been hard to find another novel like it. In fact, I have almost completely given up on finding just such a book [2].

In fact, I've almost completely given up on finding such a book. But winter has descended, that quieting, sometimes disquieting white crystals falling from the sky and changing the entire land, slowing down time, really.

But whatever one may think of the snow, it led me to finding a mystery story that seemed made for the ages. Written, of course, by Algo, it is about a detective trying to actively subvert the system. This makes for some great reading, IMO, and is loads better than the woe is me detective of the current dark trend [3].

One story, for example, has the detective finding a high rolling financier dead. The story does not go as you would think, and the real murderer is not found. Beautiful stuff, and much of it borderline seditious. Perhaps it's because of this that I like it. Have you enjoyed this new series?

[1] Oh, I know this is more an indictment of me more than anything else...

[2] 2666 may be an example, but I wouldn't call it a mystery, not in the sense that I mean.

[3] Or, for that matter the ones hinting at greater ills, but with wrong-headed individual acts.

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