Saturday, November 26, 2016

the Labyrinth of Souls

In light of all that has happened in the world today, and what looks like increasing chances of strife for the future, I'm here to say that Labyrinth of Souls is the perfect book for what's next. Providing insight into our society, it's a good scifi story that any one can enjoy. So, for your edification, here is a video with the first chapter (done by Clyde Northrup) as per the audiobook which will be out by next year. For now, you can have the ebook, which is here. Below is the basic premise of the book:

The helicopters move in, the vibrations send George scurrying for the labyrinth beneath the city where he'll try to find refuge. But will he? He meets people who seem helpful; hacktivists and other rebels looking to help the underground movements of the disgruntled in the city. George soon realizes that the labyrinth is no safe haven and that those who want him dead can follow him anywhere and buy anyone. Soon, he's running faster than ever, just trying to stay ahead, when he meets a rudimentary robot— a creation of the hacktivists who want to gain an advantage over those in power, those chasing George—named Turing. And thus begins this game whereby George tries to find a way out of this predicament, a way back into society, and yet still try to improve it. In Turing he sees a possible break in the endless loop of hatred that humankind perpetuates on itself. A robot that will solve all of humanities problems. But is even Turing trustworthy? As the robot takes on the skin of humans and helps to change the world, George sees his labyrinth as refuge run over with robots and people trying to escape the tumultuous times. Soon he comes to realize that even he might not be on the right side of history. But will he be able to do anything about it?

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