Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Where is Our Apocalypse Now?

I'll get to the state of the literary post-war (well it's not really post, is it?) landscape soon enough. I do want to talk more about the state of movies and how it seems so lackluster compared to the previous major war. [1] The main point could have been how so much more status quo the current batch of movies seem. But let me not dwell on that. Let's instead just look at a war movie with some sense of history and some sense of operatic theme. Especially when compared to even the likes of Apocalypse Now.

This isn't to say that Apocalypse Now is some highly insightful film. Just that it at least is cinematic. Meanwhile our versions of movies like Platoon have yet to surface. Instead we have full-on propaganda helped along by the CIA. Perhaps it was always thus and time simply filters out the tripe (like the latter movie). But all that remains to be seen. Any war movies that I'm missing?

[1] Not that I'm diminishing the very fact of war and all the horrors it entails. Also some of the documentaries have been absolutely amazing.

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  1. It's interesting you shared this on the day the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. As a Chicagoan (but not a baseball fan) I never thought this day would come and I had mixed emotions when people used it as a measure of the end times. I half expect the apocalypse to begin now that they've won.

    As a vet of Afghanistan I don't like watching movies about the "GWOT." I don't know why. If others feel this way it might explain why you don't see movie epics about it.

  2. Yeah, suppose I feel the same about watching such movies, but I would like something more substantial than what comes out. We'll see.


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