Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Favorite Bookstore?

NYTimes has a great list of bookstores here. Definitely worth  a look through. I think I've mainly moved away from bookstores, or I don't love them as I once did. Libraries still own the day. Seattle's is especially amazing. Love NYPL as well, as each branch has its own flavor (the largest one(s) notwithstanding). 

But as far as bookstores, here in Spokane I'm a fan of 2nd Look Books. The basement of this unsuspecting bookstore really allows you to find all sorts of books that one wouldn't normally. Back in NYC, McNally's and the way it sorted books by region was solid, though I think something about it changed that I didn't quite like. 

Besides, the well ordered bookstore, the B&Ns of the world, though nice aren't the same as an eclectic mix of used books and subjects that surprise you when you find them! If you want a book, online you can find whatever you want. A bookstore should be a moment of discovery, a time to find something that no algorithm can yet mimic. 

What are your favorite bookstores or libraries?

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