Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Essay Awards 2016

Or, rather, the best essays I read this year. This time I won't focus on essays from other years, however, and simply focus on the ones also written/published this year. Of course, if you read this blog, you know my love for essays (and pseudo-essays, something I'm sure will result in nothing but penury for me) and of Baldwin, someone who should be read in any time or year. 

Also, you should skip over to the NYTimes and read their list that will go into the Sidney Awards. It certainly contains some essays that a worth a read. But, again, I'm of the mind that it comes no where close to covering all the ideas of this year. And since it focuses on the major pubs only, I know that it can't be definitive, to say nothing of how insular the award must be. Again, I'm very wary of the courtier class and how they go about repeating what's been said before (at best) and rarely give insight to much beyond kowtowing to the powers that be or dwelling on the single emotion of carrying their cross. That being said, I'll try to include powerful essays that I disagree with.

To begin with, some of these are complimented by comment threads that are actually worth the time. I'll note when this is so. So here they are, in no particular order.

Corey Robin's analysis of the Center-left's reaction to Trump and other matters in "Check your Amnesia, dude."

Coates talking about the reaction to Police Violence. Also Here.  

Nicolas Kristof's Question, "Would you hide a Jew" also stands as starkly relevant. On that note, how we're failing as human beings in this latest world crisis is Chomsky's piece as well

Of course, there's also Cockburn's piece on our propaganda on Mosul vs Aleppo.[1]

Meanwhile, over at N+1, Krishna has a brilliant piece on changing guards vis a vis race and power.

Then there's Adichie's brilliant reaction to the election.  

Meanwhile, I think LRB to be one of the best magazines out there. So here's a piece on trolling and our current state of internet affairs. And another on Europe and its refugees

Am I missing something? Surely I am. What would you add? To be updated!

[1] More journalistic is this one:  Somalia syndrome

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