Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Years! 2017

One Love, and all that. I hope that, where ever in the world you have found yourself (through birth of some other force of nature or self), that you are enjoying this chance at a new year. I know that for some of you, that's not entirely an option. Still, all the best. As I look forward to the new year and all that comes with it, I have several projects planned and I hope to see them completed, to say nothing of the 4th installation of When Gods Fail (I know Gabe!!). 

But for now, let me take stock of a solid year as a writer), even if times have been rough and I haven't quite felt on top of the world. It started out with Labyrinth of Souls, a sci-fi novel I still think is up for discussion for its relevancy, even if it hasn't done so well (sales wise). Check out the latest review on Amazon, as I think it speaks quite well to what it stands for. And if you aren't quite ready for a monster novel (it does come with a warning that you might need some scotch for it to go down), you can read the short story that inspired it, written on the D Train. RAW (RoboAnthroWar) is a worthy short to read and one you should read right away. BTW, thanks to Omni for publishing the story, to include one this year called Quantum Swarm!

Speaking of killer robots and the end of times, here's an essay published thanks to SFF World about drones. And of course, I read the comments, and I have a rather angry retort. What else are internet comments for?

Also, thanks to Dead Mule for publishing my other short story about a journal found in Iraq. A good year indeed for getting those shorts out. 

Meanwhile, Satan's Plea Audiobook has been selling very well this year (four years after conception). It's now available in paperback form. On that note, so is I, Terrorist. And so is Rebel. Back to those audiobooks. Ministry of Bombs is out, as is The Struggle. Not a bad year. So I'll look forward to the next one turning out better! Hope yours does too.

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