Wednesday, March 29, 2017

On Art as Life and Mark Bradford

 If you've been reading this blog, you'll know that I have a few pieces on art, abstract art, and art that evokes something in my heart. As I've said before, this has been something of a change as I've grown older and learned to like art, and especially self-flagellating activist art or abstract art. [1] That being said, one of the best artists doing art that makes me think, that manages to encompass an entire city in a single frame is Mark Bradford

He's not exactly unknownnot at all, even has a show coming up in the Denver Art Museum—it's just comforting for me as a writer to create an artist who is doing something close to my heart, and then find the equivalent in the real world [2]. Nevertheless, it does speak to something out there in the zeitgeist, something we all can draw from [3]. So, if you're in Denver, you should certainly check out this artist. If not in that town, you should just look at some of his work online or when it swings near you.

[1] Of course, whether this is simply a function of my own middle class upbringing and how us people at the middle like looking at trophy cases of the powerful (in this case their art). 

[2] Not that I will lay claim to knowing what exactly Bradford is trying to emulate. 

[3] Whether it's the muse or something else entirely.

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