Thursday, April 20, 2017

Graphic Adaptations and the Like

My radio silence has become a little bit of a habit, hasn't it? Well to update those who are waiting on the story collection, it will happen, and soon, but there have been a few issues. First off, as always I'm stoked that Satan's Plea, the Audiobook, is still doing well and still finding listeners who both love it and get a few chuckles out of it. That it's the best selling piece of work I've created (check it out, it's short and only an hour long as a narration) tells me that I need more humor in my writing. I'll try, dear reader, I really will. 

That being said, I have been legitimately busy with a few pieces out at a new website that seems to be pretty damn good. Here's a piece on TYFYS. Thank you for your service. I will add a reply to all the reactions I received as it's not clear that people understand the main part of my point (my fault, possibly).

I've also been reading some great book. Torture report Graphic adaptation is a brilliant way of using non-fiction and graphic visuals to tell a story. As you may or may not know, I've been thinking of many ways to tell a story, and sometimes I sense that text only, especially in our world today doesn't really tell everything. Blasphemy perhaps, but I'm also working on video (see below, a couple shorts via video [1]).

I hope to get something like a video pseudo-essay out, as I've been highly influenced by F for Fake by Orson Welles and think it downright brilliant. As for other methods of telling stories, unfortunately you need the Medium app on your phone, but if you have that, you can access these forms of storytelling (essentially photo pseudo-essays). Here are a couple of mine.  Of these, there's a flarf like photo poem, whatever that entails, and there's a mystery in the making. Though it's al experimentation, I hope to make something worthwhile from it soon enough. Check them out and give some feedback, if you can.

And so for the short story collection, the paperback will necessarily be different from the ebook which I'll try to maximize in terms of using other mediums in it. I will include the fractal story, but that doesn't mean that I can have everything, so there will be another only ebook coming out dealing  with everything post 2017, if that makes sense.

definitely want to hear your thoughts, so go ahead and fire them off.


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