Friday, May 19, 2017

Golden Gate

Never to worry. I've had a few issues with getting the final picks for the short story collection. Essentially the cutoff will have to be sooner and though some of the newer ideas will be included, I will save the fully functional fractal story for another set, fully fractional mystery for yet another book, and the fake photo essays or stories will  also go elsewhere. So you'll have a lot to look forward to! Note that some of these things, like the fractal tale, will not be in paperback since, well, it's not feasible for paper. Sad! 

Nevertheless, I've also been reading some impressive books lately. First there's Golden Gate by Vikram Seth. It's a novel in verse. Very much worth it, even if it's a little odd. Second there's the Shipping News by Proulx which I am enjoying a lot. It's not in verse, but some of the writing is brilliant and has something poetic to it. Not sure if it's up to Blood Meridian's level, but we'll see. Good motivation for the novels coming out in the future. Hell, maybe even the shorts. Let's see.

Meanwhile, I'll be back with the finalized version of the first short collection soon.

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