Friday, July 14, 2017

Oh Happy Days!

Well, a few good things have happened since I last wrote here. I've been getting more and more pieces ready for the next two publications which should happen this year, I hope. One will be a color picture and story book, the other will be the fractal mystery realized (complete with a mystery to solve). The fractal one will not have a paperback version as that would not make sense (that I can conceive). That being said, I will keep you updated on these pieces as they're finalized. In the meantime, here is the B&W version of 1000001 American Nights. Since it doesn't have awesome color pics you'll miss out a little, but not really that much. Check it out and, of course, sharing is caring.

Not sure when, but some time ago I mentioned the pens and pencils I used to write. It's funny or a testament to the simplicity of life that I have regressed from trying to find a pen with the best ink or mechanical pencil with the best feel to simply using these Number 2 pencils and a paper pad. How about you? What do you find yourself writing the most with these days?


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